Conspiracies are wild and fun but, could they potentially be dangerous? Garry Smith was a world renowned talk show host but after a fatal career move he started podcasting where he would dive into conspiracies. Garry Smith is now missing and answers are needed now more than ever as strange things start to happen to the people that were in Garry’s life. Letters, voice mails, emails and more strange things start appearing and the picture becomes bigger as we all dive into this rabbit hole of conspiracyGarry Smith: Enlightenment is a mocumentary series that is mysterious, funny and gripping all at once. It is a wild ride and the answers you find may not be the answers you seek. Is it possible to know too much? Should we know more? How much more is there to know? Come find the answers you’re looking for. Come and be, Enlightened.

Release Dates:

  • Episode 1 October 1st 
  • Episode 2 October 2nd
  • Episode 3 October 3rd 

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