We want to see you team up with members of your household to create something bold, funny, dramatic, comedic, daring or all of the above. Covid-19 has pushed us all inside so why not use our time inside to create a fun film and grow closer to the ones we live with? It might be something you do just to pass the time with or something you are incredibly passionate about. Whether you are veteran filmmaker or have never picked up a camera we want to encourage everyone to participate in our 24hr film challenge to show off your creative skills.

Challenge Rules

  1. House rules! You must only use whatever is in your house to film this video. No outside props or equipment! We want to see what you are made of from the inside out!
  2.     The film must be under 8 minutes. If it is longer than 8 minutes, it will not be streamed on our Facebook stream but will still be uploaded to our website.
  3. Your film must follow Covid-19 safety rules. We are encouraging teams of housemates, dorm mates and/or families to enter. You can still collaborate with other people but you must still adhere to your states travel laws and social distancing guidelines.

Filming Rules

  1. All footage must be filmed and edited between 3 pm Thursday 17th and 3 pm Friday 18th. No footage prior to these dates will be accepted.
  2. Your film MUST be created for House Reels 2020. Any film created for another event will not be accepted.
  3. The film must be 6 – 8 minutes. Any films longer than 8 minutes will not be shown on our Facebook live stream.
  4. Your film must contain the secret phrase, prop and action. The secret challenge will be emailed to your team at the start of the event.
  5. Your film can be of any genre.



This challenge is a 24hr film challenge. The secret challenge and further rules about the challenge will be emailed to teams at 3 pm Thursday 17th September. The deadline for the final films will be 3 pm Friday 18th September. You can find more information on our Facebook Event Page here!


Submission guidelines will be emailed to teams with the SECRET CHALLENGE on Thursday 17th September.