Ahoy M’Hearty and welcome aboard the Moby Dick! Set sail to the Cloud on our swashbuckling epic of digital proportions. Meet small-time data pirates Mary and Bangus, accompanied by their onboard A.I Siren, as they get thrown into Captain Hack Sparrow’s, lucrative, yet seedy underbelly of personal data theft.
Uncover the story told through 4 unique transmedia episodes and become part of the voyage by tuning into the live zoom finale showdown! Inspired by Cambridge Analytica and Wikileaks, this comedic mini series will encourage you to question your privacy and online habits in a digital age where personal data is collected and sold like treasure.

Release Dates:

Episode 1: The Moby Dick – CCTV – September 28th

Episode 2: The Buoyancé – Instagram – September 29th

Episode 3: The Dark Web – Audio Narrative – September 30th

Episode 4: Captain Hack Sparrow’s Next Scheduled Zoom Meeting – LIVE on ZOOM – October 2nd, 6pm

*Episode 4 is a live Zoom show at 6pm October 2nd*

Trailer for Pirates!:

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Meet the team: 

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