Sprung Festival 2020 Shows 



Tickets are available here where you can purchase a ticket for each show you would like to watch or buy the festival pass which enables you access to every show. If you have purchased a ticket you will be emailed with the password to the respective page on the day of the release, you will just have to click on the show or episode you are intending on watching on the shows page.  Each show will become available on their release day at 6pm.


Show dates

  • Monday 28th September: Paper Flowers & Pirates! Ep 1 

  • Tuesday 29th September: Le Papillon & Pirates! Ep 2 

  • Wednesday 30th September: Lloyd.Mp4 & Pirates! Ep 3 

  • Thursday 1st October: Garry Smith: Enlightenment Ep 1

  • Friday 2nd October: Garry Smith: Enlightenment Ep 2 & Pirates! Ep 4

  • Saturday 3rd October: Garry Smith Enlightenment Ep 3 


*Each show will be released at 6pm on the dates shown above*